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35th Floor, One Corporate Center

Julia Vargas Ave. corner Meralco Ave.

Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605

Our Business Operations

Forum Pacific, Inc. (FPI) is primarily engaged in investing, purchasing and acquiring assets of any kind and description with the secondary purpose of engaging in the exploration, development and production of petroleum and related products as well as other mineral and chemical substance and was formerly known as Cophil Exploration, Inc.

FPI was previously engaged in scientific and geological research for energy (geothermal and coal), oil and natural gas. A listed company in the Philippine Stock Exchange, Forum Pacific has previously operated service contracts in Manila Bay and in Central Visayas and has drilled six on-shore wells in Northern Cebu using its own Hycalog onshore rig.

The Company holds two very important distinctions: Forum Pacific discovered the Libertad Gas Field and was the first Filipino company to purchase and operate a semi-submersible rig in the Philippines.

FPI still maintains investment on service contract in Northern Cebu (SC40) since it transferred the operations in November 1997 to Forum Exploration, Inc. (FEI), at that time a wholly-owned subsidiary of FPI. In April 2003, FPI sold 66.67% of the issued shares of FEI to Forum Energy Phils. Corp. FPI also held stocks in other companies.

To date, the Company continuously adheres to explore business opportunities to become active again in exploration for the benefit of its stockholders, employees and other stakeholders.