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Forum Pacific’s Investor Relations Program embodies the Company’s Corporate Governance Policy pertaining to the Company’s shareholders and their rights. It also includes communication strategy to promote effective communication with its stockholders and the public in general.

Right of Stockholders

The Company recognizes that the most cogent proof of good corporate governance is that which is visible to the eyes of its investors.  Therefore, the Board respects the rights of the stockholders as provided in the Corporation Code: Voting Right, Power of Inspection, Right to Information, Rights to Dividends, and Appraisal Right. It shall be the duty of the Directors to promote shareholder rights, remove impediments to the exercise of shareholders’ rights and allow possibilities to seek redress for violation of their rights. 

Stockholders’ Participation

It is the policy of the Company to encourage continuous discussions with its shareholders and institutional investors in order to further strengthen and support the achievement of the Bank’s corporate goals and objectives, of which increasing shareholders’ value, ensuring good corporate governance, protecting shareholders’ rights and minority interests, providing excellent service to customers, and complying with laws, rules and regulations are of primary importance.

External and Internal Communication

Reports and disclosures of major company announcements are reviewed by the executive management. Such disclosures are prepared and submitted to the regulatory bodies (SEC & PSE) through the Compliance Officer with the assistance of the Corporate Secretary. Company’s documents are available for inspections by any stockholders at reasonable hours on business days. All directors, executives division and department heads are tasked to ensure thorough dissemination of information to all employees and related parties, and likewise enjoin compliance in the process. Communication process is reviewed annually and at such frequency as needed.